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Project Description

JQuery Tabs WebPart for SharePoint makes it simple for end-users to present Webparts in tabs.
It is based on the powerful JQuery-UI tabs component and developed in C#.
At the moment it is WSS3.0/SharePoint 2007 only and a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solution is in the works.

With the jQueryTabs Webpart, a page designer "end-user" can simply add, rename or remove tabs through the WebPart UI.
Users can choose which webparts will appear in which tab through a standard SharePoint EditorPart interface.

Grab the latest wsp solution JQueryTabsWebPart.wsp 0.9



  • "It Just Works" default mode which includes a default theme (smoothness) and the jquery 1.4.2 libs, no need to include any js/css files!
  • end-user can easily add or delete tabs
  • tabs can be renamed
  • webparts on the page can easily be (re)assigned to any tab
  • completely themable : supports any jQuery UI tabs theme - roll your own in seconds with ThemeRoller
  • "remember last tab" option (sets a long lasting cookie)
  • power-user configuration is possible by passing additional jQuery options to the tabs constructor.


  • SharePoint 2010 & sandboxed solutions - installable by any site administrators
  • templated tabs
  • field controls in tabs
  • re-sorting tabs and webparts in tabs



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